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Single Mother needs Support

Mamaof1 started this conversation

Hello.  I am a single mother who has hit a rough period in my life.  I have been suffering from depression for the last year and a half and I finally started to go for treatment in December after attempting suicide.  I don't know how I ever got to that point.  I have a beautiful daughter and I know that I have a bright future ahead of me.  Sometimes it's just hard to see that.  Especially when everything around me continues to crash and burn.  I need advice and help in getting myself back on my feet.  I can't see the light at the end of this dark hole anymore. 

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where do you live? it would help to provide you with support services if we know the city and state you are in....there are many people just like you and you need to know you are not alone, just need a support system to help you through the rough times..Id be happy to find you some assistance with whatever you need, pls let me know where you are..

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please don't do anything to harm you or your child. My father committed suicide and it still hurts me sometimes to this day and I am 23 yrs old!! I too will be a single parent in April. I do feel frustrated. I feel like I have nothing, I don't have my own place, (cause I stay at home) I don't have a car. I wish I could be on my own because as much as my family supports me it is nothing like having your own. Parents can be really something else sometimes.

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Hey there, you aren't alone. I know the deep sadness of depression and the hopelessness that comes with it. Being a single Mother is one of the hardest jobs. When you are running around trying to keep up with meals, bills, daily chores and such, the last thing it seems we have energy for is the emotional needs of our children. I have two young sons with 50% custody, for which I have fought in court to get for nearly four years. Everyone has a different face and specifics, but we all suffer because there is just no one cheering us on and building us up when we are exhausted and there are endless needs of others to be met. I feel your pain and as much as I have been through depression for years, the hardest thing has been fighting my ex for the normal rights of a Mother. Yuck. I wish I knew the magic trick to change the feelings of overwhelm and loneliness that come from the isolation that depression can create. Remember that you are so important to your daughter. She will be okay, you will be okay and each day presents new challenges and all we can do is the best we can do in a given day. I've learned that I can't think about developing long term goals for myself professionally because I have to be in the present for my child. I live in rural Alaska and there are resources to help us, be the shame that depression cloaks around us makes it difficult to really get the support we need. I hope all the best for you. Me reaching out and talking like this made me feel better and less broken and alone. Thanks.

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Hello Mamaof1,

Focus on your beautiful daughter, she needs you, she is beautiful, innocent, and looks to you for all of her needs.  You are the most relevant person in her life.  Please carry on and do it for your daughter, mama.

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honey, you are not alone! I have suffered 2 major depressions in my 31 years, the most recent after the birth of my 3rd child. The important thing is to get help and to talk about it to people who care about you. I found excercise (especially walking in the sunshine) to help, as did anti-depressents.

I think in my experience that once you recognise what's been going on, that is the turning point, because then you can start treatment and work your way up out of the deep dark hole that you've been living in. So well done, you're on the way up!!

Good luck I wish you happiness!

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